3. Framing, Figure/Ground, Color


There were two books on our bookshelf image shown in our introductory slideshow that most clearly exhibit framing. They are the The Red Bandana and A Work in Progress.

Follow this link, find them, and note how they are different from the other books on the shelf. Then come back to this page.

These images also illustrate the concept of implicit framing.


If you develop a black-only super-simple logo in Illustrator, you will learn the first principle of the figure/ground relationship. You have an isolated image floating on a white page. The logo is the figure, and the white page is the ground.

We will create some black and white vector images that are either logos or what I will call proto-logo images; images that could easily be developed into a logo.

We will learn about the following tools in this class:


Graphic Design Basics